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Glen Velez Interview

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Glen Velez Interview
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Four-time Grammy Award winning master drummer, composer and educator Glen Velez is interview by Lori Cotler

Interview with Glen Velez at PSALM Salon

Four-time Grammy Award winning master drummer, composer and educator Glen Velez is considered one of the most influential percussionists our time, as well as being responsible for a world-wide resurgence in the popularity of the frame drum.His teaching and performances inspired the Remo Drum Co. in 1983 to develop a line of frame drums called the Glen Velez Signature Series. The Cooperman Drum Co. introduced a hand made Signature Series Glen Velez Tambourine and Frame Drum line in 1999. Even twentieth century composer, John Cage acknowledged Velez' mastery when he wrote a piece especially for him in 1989, entitled "Composed Improvisation for One-sided Drum with or without Jingles." While Glen draws upon the great drumming traditions of the Middle East, South India and the Mediterranean world (ancient and modern), he plays in a style all his own. Utilizing a vast culmination of complex hand and finger techniques, he creates a symphony of sound and texture from just a single hand held drum. Glen is also an expert in Central Asian Overtone Singing (singing two tones at once). During concerts, he gives his audiences a spontaneous crash course in this style.

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